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Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities throughout the state of Texas are expected to maintain the highest standards of quality and care in the medical arena. Inmates must be cared for in a manner that is consistent with standard care throughout the Lonestar State. Part of the Ebisu mission is to help make that possible by sourcing only the medical equipment and supplies that meet state standards.


We stock common medical equipment, disposable medical supplies, uniforms, and more. Everything a correctional facility needs to provide high quality ambulatory medical care, dental care, and vision services can be sourced from us. We invite you to contact us with a list of your needs so that we can provide you with a no-obligation quote.


Choose Ebisu for:


  • Patient care supplies

  • Disposable medical apparel

  • First aid supplies

  • Surgical supplies

  • Blood collection supplies.


We pride ourselves on maintaining one of the most extensive inventories of healthcare and medical supplies in Texas. We do our utmost to source everything our customers need, even when they request items that we do not normally stock. If your agency needs something, we can usually find a way to get it.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


More, now than ever, personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical part of offering healthcare services in a safe environment. Your institution should be well stocked at all times with an ample supply of the most common PPE items. This includes:


  • Coveralls

  • Gloves

  • Gowns

  • Masks

  • Suits

  • Shoe covers

  • Drape sheets

  • Face Shields.


Adhering to PPE standards is critical to maintaining a safe and healthy environment in any correctional institution. To do that, you need the right supplies that meet or exceed all state requirements. We provide them in whatever quantities your institution requests.


First Aid Supplies


Medical emergencies inside your facility often require first aid. Is your medical department equipped with the necessary supplies to facilitate safe and effective treatment? We source the first aid supplies that correctional institutions need most often. Choose Ebisu for:


  • Standard bandages

  • Elastic bandages

  • Gauze dressings

  • Wound management supplies

  • Burn treatment supplies

  • Blood clotters

  • Antiseptics and antibiotic ointments

  • Cold and heat packs.


Our ability to obtain first aid supplies has led to an extensive list of options for our clients. Suffice it to say that we stock too many items to list here. All our first aid supplies come from recognized brands that adhere to the highest standards of quality.


Personal Hygiene Products


Ebisu is also your source for personal hygiene products for both men and women. We can supply your correctional facility with:


  • Hygienic toiletries

  • Personal hygiene kits

  • Sanitary napkins and tampons

  • Bathroom sanitation supplies

  • Related paper products.


We understand that correctional facilities may approach hygiene in slightly different ways. We are ready to accommodate whatever your facility's needs might be. As with all our other product categories, do not hesitate to request any specialty items you might need. We will do everything within our power to procure the right products.


Contact Us for a Quote


Ebisu is cognizant of the fact that state budgets can be tight and Correctional facilities throughout Texas need to adhere to various metrics . To that end, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure your facility is properly equipped without exceeding the budget. We are here to help.


We are committed to working with you to achieve your mission. To that and, we invite you to contact us for a quote on all the medical and hygiene supplies your facility requires. We offer high quality products at competitive prices throughout the state of Texas.

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