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State Educational Agencies

Maintaining safety and well-being is a priority for Texas educational agencies has always been a priority. Students and staff deserve an environment created with their safety in mind. To that end, Texas agencies or institutions needs to maintain a stocked health center ready to meet student and staff needs on demand. And to do that, you need a reliable vendor able to deliver quality products within short delivery windows.

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Ebisu stands ready to meet your agency's needs for wholesale medical products covering everything from disposable gloves to oxygen masks. Every product in our inventory is selected based on its quality, fitness for purpose, and value. Every item we carry meets or exceeds industry standards as well as our own standards, which are often higher.


Choose Ebisu for:


  • Oral syringes

  • Oxygen masks

  • Enteral feeding tubes

  • OTC antihistamines

  • Disposable gloves

  • Disposable plastic tubes

  • Wound management supplies.


Our inventory is quite extensive and never complete. Do not hesitate to contact us even if you are not sure we carry what you need. We have the ability to source all sorts of products not currently on our regular inventory list.


Disposable Medical Supplies


As a state  educational agency, your organization likely uses plenty of disposable medical supplies. From disposable gloves to disposable plastic tubes, every item you purchase is important to what you do. You need a supplier capable of keeping you well-stocked at reasonable, wholesale prices. We are that supplier.


OTC and Nutraceutical Products


Purchasing OTC antihistamines and nutraceuticals can be both challenging and expensive. You might find it difficult to locate a supplier that offers both an adequate inventory and pricing that fits your budget. Look no further than Ebisu. In addition to OTC antihistamines, we carry a range of nutraceutical products including Omega 3 fish oils, vitamins, and protein bars and drinks.


Wound Management Supplies


First aid is an ongoing concern for every educational agency and facility. Likewise, wound care is one of the main priorities of first aid. To attend to injured staff and students properly, your agency needs to maintain a complete inventory of wound management supplies. Your staff cannot afford to be left short.


We carry a full range of wound management supplies for virtually every need. Each of our products offers the finest quality and meets industry specifications. We sell wound management supplies in bulk for your convenience and budget friendliness.


Medical Equipment and Supplies


Providing health services to your students and staff is facilitated by professionals equipped with high quality medical equipment and supplies. Count on us for oxygen masks, oral syringes, enteral feeding tubes, and more. We also carry a range of equipment and supplies more suited to primary care. We can supply blood pressure equipment, scales and balances, thermometers, and more.


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