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What is "Ebisu?"

"Ebisu" is the Japanese God of luck, abundance, and prosperity. As one of the seven Lucky Gods, Ebisu helps to bring good luck to businesses. The name connects to our philosophy at Ebisu Supplies — as a business, we always have an abundant supply of products to satisfy client demand and bring prosperity to our clients' businesses.

Ebisu was formed for the express purpose of supporting federal and state agencies with an inventory of tangible products and supplies they need to do their jobs. From office products to healthcare supplies, we recognize that government agencies rely on many of the same things the private sector utilizes every day.


As a supplier, our priority is stocking the highest quality products and supplies we can find, making them available to our government agency clients as needed. Your federal or state agency can rely on us for:


  • Health and Healthcare Products – Hospital furniture, fixtures, pharmaceuticals, supplements, hospital supplies, etc.

  • Wholesale Products – An extensive list of products and supplies ranging from electrical wiring to air conditioning equipment.

  • Uniforms – Uniforms for a variety of needs including dress clothing, fire-retardant uniforms, severe weather clothing, etc.


The variety of products and supplies we provide is extensive. If your agency needs something, we will do everything within our power to procure it for you at a competitive price.

Why Choose Us?

Ebisu is a Texas HUB Certified and SBA Certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) committed to serving clients to the highest possible standard. We believe in the power of combining qualified, professional women with sound business principles to create economic opportunities for both business owners and clients alike. That is our primary mission. We have chosen federal and state product procurement as the foundation for fulfilling our mission.


When you choose Ebisu as your supplier, you are choosing a company built upon integrity and female empowerment. We do not want to be just another business owned and operated by women; we want to be the best minority WOSB partner for federal and state agencies and businesses in the private healthcare sector.

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