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Physician and Medical Clinic Supplies

Ebisu Supplies supports federal and state agencies with high quality medical products and supplies at wholesale. But we are proud to say that we support the private sector with the same products backed by the same customer service and support. Physician's offices and medical clinics are among the many private sector organizations we work with.


Now, more than ever, physicians and medical clinics need access to cost effective equipment and supplies that will help them maintain professional and comfortable offices without sacrificing quality of care. We are cognizant of the fact that medical clinics and the clinicians who staff them can only offer a level of care commensurate with the tools at their disposal. Our goal is to make sure those tools are always the best



Medical Furniture


Medical furniture constitutes one of the biggest expenses of a typical physician's office or medical clinic. With so much money invested in it, quality and reliability is a must. We offer both. Ebisu sources a wide range of high quality, cost effective:


  • exam tables

  • physician stools

  • companion and phlebotomy chairs

  • lighting equipment and scales.


Physical therapists will find a good selection of therapy tables and mats, treatment tables, chairs, couches, and more. Ebisu can completely outfit any type of medical clinic with the appropriate furniture.


Medical Equipment 


The investment in medical equipment represents a long-term investment in a medical clinic's future. Equipment needs to be built to last. It needs to function as designed. It needs to be fit for task, intuitive to use, and always reliable. We strive to guarantee every piece of medical equipment we source meets the demands of modern medical care.


Ebisu sources:


  • primary care equipment

  • blood pressure equipment

  • testing equipment

  • mobility equipment and supplies.


We want to be your source for everything from clinical stethoscopes to thermometers and blood pressure cuffs. If you need any equipment not listed in our current inventory, please ask about at. We will do our best to source it for you.

Disposable Medical Supplies


The disposable medical supplies category is where so many clinics and physician's offices spend too much. Our goal is to change that. By sourcing high quality supplies at the lowest possible wholesale prices, we can pass our savings along to you. Trust Ebisu for your:


  • disposable medical apparel

  • patient care supplies

  • first aid supplies

  • blood collection supplies and equipment

  • outpatient surgical supplies.


There is never a need to spend too much on disposable medical supplies. Products that meet the highest quality standards without exceeding the budget are out there. We are constantly looking for them in order to source them for our customers.

One Supplier Solution

Please let us know what your medical clinic or physician's office needs are. We want to be that one supplier for every need, so don't be afraid to inquire about anything. If a product is not currently on our inventory list, we will do everything within our power to source it for you.

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