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Medical Furniture

Our primary business is providing a wide range of medical furniture, equipment and supplies for governmental agencies. Medical facility furniture ultimately impacts both patient experience and the work environment staff members are exposed to. High quality furniture chosen according to its fitness or purpose makes an enormous difference. Take a look at our inventory in the following categories. In addition to our below listed inventory, we can also fulfill custom orders depending upon the quantity and expected delivery date.

Make sure all of your exam rooms are fully stocked with the most appropriate furniture pieces.


  • Exam tables

  • Companion chairs

  • Phlebotomy chairs

  • Doctors stools

  • Imaging tables

  • Lighting and scales

Patients and their companions should be both comfortable and safe during their stays.


  • Hospital beds

  • Overbed tray tables

  • Patient

  • Visitor chairs and sofas

  • Bathroom mobility aids

Facilities offering physical therapy require specialized furniture that facilitates the proper treatment of patients. Our physical therapy inventory includes:


  • Patient beds

  • Sleep chairs

  • Patient couches

  • Therapy mats

  • Therapy tables

  • Treatment tables

  • Therapist chairs

Filing cabinets come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet most needs. Whether you are looking for vertical or lateral filing cabinets, we have a complete inventory.

Carts are indispensable in a medical setting. Our inventory of medical carts is extensive enough to meet most needs. We offer everything from utility and cleaning carts to tray delivery carts and carts for electronic devices such as laptops and monitors.

​​Our goal is to meet our customers needs on time, every time. If you do not see something that you need in our inventory, please reach out to us. We might still be able to procure it for you.

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