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Health and Safety

Health and safety should never be compromised in business and work environments. Before generating revenues, increasing profits, or boosting the bottom line, your organization has an obligation to keep employees and customers safe. To that end, part of our mission here at Ebisu is to work with organizations by identifying and procuring health and safety products on their behalf.

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Federal and State Compliance


Health and safety are so important that federal and state regulators are continually updating rules and guidelines to ensure maximum effectiveness. In short, your organization is expected to comply with a full range of health and safety standards. Where those standards meet equipment and supplies, you need a trusted supplier capable of delivering compliant products.


We cannot develop health and safety policies for your organization. But we can provide the equipment and supplies you need to implement and maintain your policies. From first aid supplies to the equipment your organization needs for daily operations, we can source it at a fair price.


From Restrooms to Warehouses


Maintaining proper health and safety protocols isn't a one-time thing. It is also not limited to just a few spaces within your facility. Every square foot of space from restrooms to warehouses must be maintained in a way that guarantees health and safety. That includes the supplies and equipment utilized to maintain such spaces.


We offer a one-stop solution for procuring health and safety equipment and supplies at prices that won't bust the budget. We also offer one of the fastest and most convenient procurement solutions in the industry. Your part is easy: just contact us for a free quote. We do all the rest.


What You Need, When You Need It


Ebisu takes great pride in being comprehensive and thorough. We are committed to supplying what you need, when you need it. Even if your health and safety needs go beyond our current inventory, we will do everything we can to find and source every item on your list. We have access to a wide variety of wholesale products from vendors around the world.


What could be easier than sending us a list of health and safety supplies and letting us prepare a quote? Ordering supplies and equipment has never been so convenient. By letting Ebisu do the hard work, you free up your staff to do more important things.

A Proven Procurement Solution

Ebisu offers you a proven procurement solution. We have proven ourselves by providing easy, convenient, and cost-effective procurement services to state and federal agencies. Now that we have expanded our business into the private sector, we offer the same quality solutions and industry-leading customer service to private sector organizations.


We are certain you have been looking for a procurement partner capable of supplying your health and safety equipment needs in a reliable manner and at fair prices. And that partner is Ebisu Supplies.

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