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Ebisu Supplies Announces Nationwide Expansion into Private Sector

(Austin, TX) 03/13/2023 – Ebisu Supplies, an Austin, TX company originally founded to source medical equipment and supplies for public sector entities, is proud to announce the expansion of their business into the private sector. Serving private sector organizations will give Ebisu the opportunity to continue pursuing its growth strategies while simultaneously partnering with new vendors, manufacturers, and distributors.

Ebisu currently offers more than 2,000 products divided into multiple categories: medical furniture, medical equipment, disposable medical supplies, nutritional supplements, and uniforms. They are also able to source a long list of wholesale products for customers base based on their business needs. Expanding into the private sector will mean adding new product lines on an ongoing basis.

Company founder Aditi Joshi says that Ebisu's expansion into the private sector will include the hospitality industry, senior living and retirement facilities, independent living facilities, and a full range of medical facilities including hospitals, physician offices, and medical clinics.

"Our company's tagline is 'Committed to Health', which is extremely important to us," Joshi said. "The idea behind it is as applicable to the private sector as it is to public organizations. We plan to give our private sector partners the same high-quality products and reliable service as we expand into new markets."

Both public and private sector organizations looking to source their medical equipment and wholesale supplies from Ebisu need only contact the company with a list of requirements. The company will respond with a detailed quote.

Joshi says the expansion will begin rolling out immediately. As they bring on new clients and start sourcing for them, Ebisu's product list will undoubtedly grow. Joshi encourages clients to ask about anything they might need. If Ebisu can find a way to source it at a fair price, they will do everything within their power to do so.

About Ebisu Supplies

Ebisu Supplies was established in 2019 to source medical supplies and equipment for state and federal agencies. The company is part of the Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program and is certified by the SBA, the State of Texas and SCTRCA as a Minority Woman Owned Business in Austin, Texas.

About Aditi Joshi

Aditi Joshi is an experienced and respected business leader in the Austin area. Joshi graduated from the University of Wales (UK) where she earned her master's degree. She has held a variety of positions during her career including work for British Telecom & Hewlett-Packard. Joshi volunteers extensively in the local area, and served in leadership position for multiple nonprofits, including being the president of UNA Austin and GlobalAustin.


9600 Great Hills Trail, Austin, TX 78759

Tel: 512-669-1062


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